Fairhope Community Church

"Growing Deeper In Christ Together"

We gather every Sunday at 4pm at 8774 Fairhope Ave. Grace Bible Church is sharing their space with us so that we can gather for worship on Sunday evenings.

We invite you to join us in learning God's word together this Sunday. We hope you will find yourself in a place where you can feel comfortable, and personally connected with other believers as we hear from God's word together.

Mission Driven

We want to invite people to join us on our mission. Our mission is to grow deeper in Christ together to become a community of committed believers. Fairhope Community Church is a place were people can come and grow in their faith with other believers.

As a community of committed believers, we are committed to living out our four core values: Gather, Give, Go, and Grow. Through these core values we will be centering our lives on the essentials of what disciples are committed to doing. We invite you to join us on this mission together.

Christ Centered Community

We feel it's important to connect with others in order to grow deeper in Christ together. Alongside attending our weekly gatherings you might consider joining a Life Group to meet with, eat with, grow with, and pray with other believers. Joining a Life Group is a great way to make lasting connections with others in our community.

Biblical Teaching

Our church is centered on the Bible. God's word is our authority and truth. Our sermons are expository in style. Which means we desire to clearly explain the original God-intended meaning of Scripture and then apply the Scriptural meaning for us today.

Each gathering has live music, a great kids ministry, and a sermon that is Biblically centered. Feel free to grab some of our free coffee when you walk in or bring some of your own. We invite you to join us in learning God's word together. We hope you will find yourself in a place where you can feel relaxed, participate how you’re comfortable, and personally connect to the Scriptures as they are being taught from God's word.

Ministry To Families

Our hope is to encourage and equip parents to be the main spiritual influencers in their children's lives. Our goal is to equip parents with resources that help them apply practical application of Scripture, prayer, and discipleship as they seek to disciple their children in the truth of the gospel. Fairhope Kids ministry is a place where kids can gather with other kids and learn the Bible while parents are in our main worship gathering. This is available for kids ages pre-k through 2nd grade. We encourage older children and youth to worship with the adults as a church family. Fairhope Youth ministry is a place for Junior High and High School students to get connected during our Wednesday night Fairhope Youth mInistry gathering. We invite the whole family to join us in learning God's word together.